Amsterdam: Week Eleven!

In 5 short days, I will board a plane, say goodbye to the great city of Amsterdam, and be reunited with my family and boyfriend in Dallas.  I am so excited to share stories and hugs with those back home, but I also know I am leaving a piece of my heart in Europe.  Within 84 days, I have seen God stretch me in uncomfortable … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Eleven!

Amsterdam: Week Ten!

Standing along a bridge, I could see red lights illuminating windows, men searching in, and tourists celebrating lust and promiscuity.  I have seen all these things before, but tonight provided a new perspective.  My mission tonight was not to pass out drinks and love on the ladies, but it was to walk the streets of the red light district and simply pray.  The moment I … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Ten!

Amsterdam: Week Nine!

I was walking along the canals toward a meeting and I found one of the greatest surprises.  A tree reaching over the side walk had soft pink flowers blossoming from the branches.  The last two months have been very cold for this Texas girl.  When I spotted my first sign of spring, I squealed a little and did what any other Texan girl would do … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Nine!

Amsterdam: Week Eight!

“I am proud to be associated with her.”  Leaning against the kitchen counter, I had a conversation with a friend that wrecked me. She had poured her heart into the ladies and was sharing what God has taught her.  Each word she spoke seemed to speak to the depths of my heart.  After our conversation, I realized this : I had spent time behind the … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Eight!

Amsterdam: Week Seven!

“know that a person is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 2:16)  I sat across the table from a hurting woman as we read through Galatians together.  We shared stories, shed tears, and opened our hearts – this is why I’m here.  I live for these moments – when women come to Jesus with their pain, regret, … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Seven!

Amsterdam: Week Six!

I walked along the cobbled streets – With thermoses full of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, I poured drinks for ladies behind the windows on a sunny afternoon.  Some only wanted a drink, while others wanted conversations.  No matter how many words were spoken, the same Love was shown.  This afternoon was different for me.  Yes, I visit with the ladies each week, but this … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Six!

Amsterdam: Week Five!

I am almost at the halfway mark!  Five weeks have already passed and in less than 5o days I will be back on Texas soil.  This past week, I have missed my family, friends, and boyfriend back home quite a bit.  I miss the warm weather, seeing my favorite people, and the familiarity of home.  Although I look forward to April, I am also excited … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Five!