Amsterdam: Week Eleven!

In 5 short days, I will board a plane, say goodbye to the great city of Amsterdam, and be reunited with my family and boyfriend in Dallas.  I am so excited to share stories and hugs with those back home, but I also know I am leaving a piece of my heart in Europe.  Within 84 days, I have seen God stretch me in uncomfortable … Continue reading Amsterdam: Week Eleven!

The Post Grad Unknown

Once again the Lord has laid writing on my heart this week.  Since I had no initial direction, I asked Him what He wanted me to write.  He didn’t give me words, instead, He gave me a picture.  I saw Him holding my hand and leading me into the unknown.  In this vision there was no fear and no thought of turning back.  The only … Continue reading The Post Grad Unknown

When Life Gets Busy…

Let me just start off my saying this: life is busy.  That’s not new information.  I look around at the season I am in and I can instantly feel overwhelmed.  I see hours of school, a part-time job, writing commitments, working out, and trying to remain sane through it all.  I’ll say it again, life is busy.  Despite how chaotic life may seem, I’ve learned … Continue reading When Life Gets Busy…

Sincerely, A Recovering Perfectionist

The last few months of my life have been beautifully transforming.  I entered this season  expecting one thing, and left with something completely different.  God has a way of doing that, doesn’t He?  The good news is that He far exceeded my expectations. In all honestly, I started 2015 without any big expectations.  I thought this year would only be a continuation of 2014. I … Continue reading Sincerely, A Recovering Perfectionist

When Life is Full of Surprises

Has anything in your life ever turned out not exactly how you planned? I’m sure it has because life has a way of delivering the unexpected.  Plans can fall through, people can hurt your feelings, and many times events don’t always happen how you hoped for.  Through all of life’s uncertainties, one thing remains constantly reliable and true.  His promises.  The awareness and reminder of … Continue reading When Life is Full of Surprises

How I Learned to Wait.

This last semester has been nothing what I expected, but it has been everything I needed.  I’ve seen plans fall through, I’ve seen my heart break, and I’ve never been more stretched in my life.  Through every struggle, frustration and question in my heart, I have realized the reality of waiting on God.  I would be lying if I said it was easy; this has … Continue reading How I Learned to Wait.

I Never Expected For This To Happen.

This season is nothing what I expected, but it is everything that I need. I have never been more broken, but I have also never felt more whole. God has been blowing me away every day with deeper revelation and healing. In the past month, the Holy Spirit has lovingly touched on areas in my heart that are still in bondage and brought up past wounds.  … Continue reading I Never Expected For This To Happen.