About Me


My name is Allison Finley and I was born and raised in the great state of Texas.  Dallas has become a second home to me the last few years as I have completed college.  After graduating with a degree in Practical Theology from Christ for the Nations Institute, I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University in 2015.

So, you might be wondering, “Why the blog?”  I’m glad you asked, let me tell you the reason behind it all.  The past several years I have discovered the heavenly Father in life-changing ways and I long for others to experience the same.  He has set me free from insecurity and bondage and I believe He wants to do the same for you! Since I believe writing is a gift and passion He has entrusted me with, I want to see Him use it in full measure.  Through writing His words, I believe God will speak, confirm, and heal broken places in your life.

Along with writing, my heart burns for women’s ministry.  There is nothing I love more than witnessing daughters of the King understand who they truly are in Christ. If women dare to link arms and leave comparison on the curb, a whole culture could change.

Outside of writing, I love running, shopping, exploring new places, drinking coffee, and doing all things girly.  I have been to eleven countries and I am eager to visit more.  Life is fun and I believe every day should be fully seized.

Thank you to all the readers who encourage and motivate me; it means so much! I hope you enjoy my blog!

-Allison Finley


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