The Realities of Joy!

As I have entered this new chapter of my life, I know the Lord wants me to walk in greater joy.  Over the course of a couple weeks, I have made it a priority to study more on the realities of joy. I understood what joy looked like, but I wanted to walk in it myself. When temptations and trials arise how do I experience joy? When my emotions initially feel frustration and fear how do I view a situation through the eyes of joy? Starting this journey I held many questions in my heart concerning the joy Jesus talked about. I knew He would surprise me with truth and even test my beliefs, but I believed it was worth the journey – and I was completely right.

I studied every scripture in the Amplified Bible’s glossary that mentioned joy and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to me as I wrote down what He said. He shared so much revelation of joy that I could not describe it all here, but I will share what I believe is the foundations and characteristics of joy.

II Chronicles 20: 27 – Joy comes through the defeat of the enemy.  Joy comes out of the abundance of a relationship with Jesus.

Ezra 6: 22 – Joy comes through experiencing breakthrough and freedom.  Joy brings favor.  Also, joy occurs by walking in holiness.  Since He is the face of abundant joy, when you meet with Him, He shares His joy with you. He absolutely rejoices over you.

Job 20: 5 – Everlasting joy comes by walking in righteousness and purity. Joy should be a companion to the godly. If you do not walk in joy, realign your thoughts and attitudes as Christ sees you. He sees you as righteousness in Christ.

Psalm 16: 11- When you know your identity in Christ, you will experience joy. You can enter His presence because you are His child. Joy comes through trusting Him. When you walk in joy and communion with Him, you will experience favor and blessing. He resides in fullness of joy. If you need joy spend time with Him because joy rests in His faithfulness.

Psalm 43: 4 – Joy is not an emotion, it is a state of dwelling. You do not merely feel joy, but you choose joy.

Psalm 65: 8 – Joy comes through knowing and acknowledging God’s might. He can turn any situation into joyful if you rely on His splendor.

Ecclesiastes 9: 7 – You can experience joy because the Father has accepted you. Through recognizing His approval, deep joy comes.  Furthermore, joy does not try to prove anything, it instead, chooses to rest in identity.

Isaiah 9: 3 – Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection is the formula for joy.

Matthew 2: 10 – The infilling of joy comes when you receive a fresh revelation of Jesus. Hope and God-given direction release joy. Even when the enemy has a plan and attack against you, an encounter with King Jesus will produce ecstatic joy.

Matthew 13: 20 – The enemy wants your joy to be non-existent or temporary, but the Father desires for it to be eternal. Joy births trust.

John 17: 13 – Joy is not of the mind, but it is of the heart. We can have joy because we know He is coming to us. Truth produces deep joy.

Acts 20: 24 – True joy is found in completing what Christ has called you to do. God-given purpose and design immediately brings joy. Joy comes from focusing  on your heavenly life and rewards. Joy provides stability.

Romans 15: 13 – God is the One who fills with joy, not yourself, but you have to give Him permission to fill you. Joy requires letting go.

II Corinthians 7: 4 – You will experience joy by investing in and encouraging others. Joy brings comfort and peace of mind.

Galatians 6: 4 – Joy never compares or diminishes value. Comparison and jealousy are the thieves of joy.

I Thessalonians 1: 6 – Joy embraces truth. Joy brings humility and a need for the grace of God. Also, joy opens the doors for the miraculous to occur.

Hebrews 12: 2 – Joy will sustain you through trying times. By completely focusing on Jesus, you will experience deep joy.

Hebrews 12: 11 – Often time situations that do not initially bring joy have the opportunity to produce a harvest in your life. Joy focuses on the end outcome. Joy is not always felt, but it is a mindset. The attitude of joy chooses to dwell on the fruit of God’s faithfulness.

I Peter 1: 8 – Joy is derived from intimacy with the Trinity. Joy is triumphant because it relies on the blood of Jesus. Faith in Him is the foundation of joy. You can receive from Him when you walk in joy because it opens your heart to His Presence.

I John 1: 4 – Joy comes through experiencing, seeing and knowing Him. Joy is the result of a thriving relationship with Him. Joy is thankful for the blood and knows the depths of His grace. Joy rests securely and depends on His life to manifest in your own. Joy is from celebration of the blood.

I could share so much more, but I believe these verses are crucial to understanding joy.  One of my favorite revelations He shared with me is the fact that He is the Author of Joy. Furthermore, every time I am in His presence, I am also in the presence of abundant joy. By receiving fresh insight on the truths of joy, I have experienced increased peace and praise because I understand more of His heart. Intimacy with Him is the key to unlocking joy. Also, you do not merely feel joy, but you choose joy through the Holy Spirit’s strength and wisdom. I also encourage you to research these verses on your own and allow God to speak to you as well.

Thanks for reading! -Allison



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